How to get your song played by FM radio stations?


1) Become a member (not mandatory) - All you have to do is fill out the form and pay an annual membership fee ($200 USD).

Membership is not mandatory in order to use our radio promotion plans, it is a completely optional.

Membership benefits: radio-play reports, special offers from time to time, higher support priority level and more.




2) Upload your song - Go to our upload page and easily upload your song. Your song must be in MP3 format prior uploading it.

You also need to properly name your MP3 file, with your artist name and track title. For example: Artist - Title.mp3




3) Purchase a radio campaign - We have five plans to choose from. It is even possible to request a special quote, if you need personalized plan or any other customization. Click on the button below and check our amazing plans and unbeatable prices.




4) Send us an Email - After you purchase a radio campaign, you need to send us an Email and inform us about your MP3 song.

After you inform us, we will arrange with you all other details. Our Email: